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Traveling with Gabriel

This is when Gabriel told me it shall be so, and his body again morphed and shifted. Though instead of the eye revealing itself from the torso again, a massive hole appeared and the sound of a horn blasted at me. The sound was so horrifying and loud that I cried in pain, curling into the fetal position. My mind spun so much so that I vomited everything that was in my stomach onto the floor.

I felt like I was falling through the floor repeatedly, circling and spinning so fast that I heard a shatter within my mind. The blast of the trumpets was still ongoing as a loud thunder struck me repeatedly, ripping what felt like my innards. I could look up, and I saw Gabriel holding my arm, pulling me through his own stomach, down into an endless cycle of myself twisting and turning.

During the flashes of changes that occurred, I could see the flickering of a gate manifesting before me. Each step towards the gate was about a hundred cycles of turning into Gabriel's stomach, allowing a fragmented picture to appear. The first gate opened, and a sphere opened up before us. We cycled forward, revealing three layers that shook to the blast of the trumpet.